Top Five Applications For Guided Meditation For Stress Relief And Sleep

guided meditation for stress relief and sleep

Going to a Guru or a teacher to guide you for meditation can be both expensive and exhausting. Since you never know if they are good for you or not. And in these tough times, it’s much better to stay at home than to go out.

Here’s a list of applications you can use staying any place you want for guided meditation for stress relief and sleep.

1. Headspace.

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With a rating of 5 on iPhone and 3.8 on android. This application is the most popular. It comes with a free version with daily tasks to do and lessons to take. If you want to you can use it’s in-app purchases or buy its premium version.

It has pre-recorded and lives sessions for meditation. This app will track your progress and generate a personalized plan for you. Since we are different.

2. Calm

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This application has a rating of 5 on iPhone and 4.5 on android. It comes with a trial version after that you will have to pay a few bucks to use its services. My favourite is it’s 10-minute kind of love sessions. Along with guided meditation sessions, you can listen to sleep cast stories with good background music having voiced mixed with Mathew McConaughey or Jerome Flynn.

3. Sattva

Sattva is a Sanskrit word that means essence. This application has a 5-star rating on the iPhone and 4.5 on android. It comes with hundreds of guided meditation sessions shlokas and mantras. Although this app is free with in-app purchases. You can buy its lifetime membership at around 200$. You can Personalize your playlist in this application. The lessons you like to follow, the sleep casts everything. You can join its large community of meditators and interact with them. It’s always helpful to find people who have the same goals as you.

4. MyLIfe Meditation

With a rating of 5 on both store,s this app has won the Webby people’s voice award in 2017 for its personalized mindfulness and meditation sessions. It comes with free access to its content although you have to buy some advanced or premium ones. You can use this app to identify your emotions, your behaviour too along with guided meditation lessons, yoga videos, acupressure lessons. This application tracks your daily progress and recommends lessons accordingly.

5. Inscape

Although this application is not available on android it has a 5-star rating on store. It can be used for all types of meditation stress relief, sleep, anxiety or mindfulness. This feature of this app is that following its sessions you can identify your emotions better and when you can identify what you are feeling you can easily take control of it.


All these applications are quite good for your progress in mindfulness and stress relief. You can go to gurus and spiritual teachers but it’s always better to try something yourself before going for a full-fledged class because we don’t always know what we want.

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