Stress Induced Schizophrenia – How To Deal With It

stress induced schizophrenia

Stress induced schizophrenia can be caused by any traumatic life experience. Stress is known to have a devastating effect on the human brain and is believed to be a contributing factor in both, post psychotic disorder (PPR) and schizophrenia. A recent study carried out at the University of California-Davis showed that stress induced schizophrenia was just as common as anxiety induced psychosis. The conclusion was that “the inflammatory process that occurs in people with stress disorders may well lead to schizophrenia.”

Excessive Stress Is Known To Cause All Types Of Mental Disorders

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We all cope better when we are under stress than we do when we are not under any stress. However, excessive stress is known to cause all types of mental disorders. It can lead to sleeplessness and depression. It can cause you to lose your appetite and make you feel tired and irritable. It can even cause you to hallucinate. If you are suffering from stress induced psychosis, you will probably be seeing a rapid pace of time, distorted perceptions, and hallucinations.

Stress is an extremely unpleasant feeling. It can manifest itself in your head, your body, and your emotions. It is usually the case that stress results in ill health such as high blood pressure, heart palpitations, gastrointestinal problems, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and acne. Stress can also affect your behavior. It can cause you to become hostile, rebellious, violent, irrational, or compulsively addictive.

Several Causes For Stress Induced Schizophrenia

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The stress induced schizophrenia patient can have a distorted view of reality, and this can be very difficult for the medical professional treating him/her. The stress can cause the patient to suffer from hallucinations, delusions or even hallucinations. He/she may hear things that don’t exist, see things that aren’t there, get caught up in imaginary adventures, and start to lose time. The extent of the stress can determine how severe the psychotic illness will be.

There are several causes for stress induced psychosis. Many psychiatrists are of the opinion that the stress is the result of some unresolved conflict in the patient’s life. It can be caused by any problem that the patient has had to deal with. It could have been a sexual abuse, or anything that caused deep emotional pain and suffering. Some of the common reasons for stress induced schizophrenia are the death of a loved one or a major trauma.

Relaxation And Meditation Techniques Is One Of The Way Of Dealing With Stress Induced Schizophrenia

The patient can suffer from stress induced depression as well. It has been found that stress and depression go hand in hand. When someone suffers from stress induced depression, it is obvious that he/she is going through a lot of stress. Depression can be very serious, and can lead to other psychological problems such as social withdrawal, an inability to make sound decisions, lack of motivation and an extreme sense of helplessness.

In order to treat stress induced schizophrenia, the patient must learn to relax and let go of the anxiety that causes him/her to worry. One of the many ways of dealing with stress induced mental illness is to take up relaxation and meditation techniques. Yoga and tai chi are some of the relaxation techniques that can help a person deal with stress. This relaxation will help the person to calm down, and the mind will be at ease. The person will then be in a position to think clearly.

Last Words

Another way of treating stress induced schizophrenia is to get the person involved in some form of relaxation and leisure activities. This will help him/her to calm down and deal with stress. This in turn will reduce the chances of them developing any other mental illness as a result of excessive stress.

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