Some Important Deep Breathing Relaxation Techniques To Get Relief From Stress

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Have you ever noticed your breathing rhythm when you feel relaxed? Whenever you feel relaxed, slowly concentrate on your breathing and observe how your body feels. You can also notice your breathing rhythm when you first wake up in the morning or just before you go to sleep. In today’s time, stress and anxiety have been one of the most common problems. To help you get rid of stress and anxiety, we will provide you a list of some basic deep breathing relaxation techniques that you can practice anywhere.

Yoga is a traditional culture mainly practiced in India and some other parts of the world too. It has the power to overcome your stress, anxiety, headache, etc. It can help you in medical purposes also, like better digestion, asthma, and can help you reduce excess fat also. Normal and basic yoga includes some special deep breathing relaxation techniques that can change your daily boring life into an interesting and easy-going life. It also has the power to overcome your stress.

List Of Some Effective Deep Breathing Relaxation Techniques 

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Belly Breathing Exercise

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 In this exercise, you simply have to sit or lie down on the floor straight and then put a hand on your belly just below your ribs, and the other hand should be on your chest. Now, Inhale – take a deep breath in through your nose and let your belly expand, and push your hand out, but your chest should not move. Now, you have to breathe out through your pursed lips as if you are whistling. Feel the hand on your belly go in, and use it to push all the sir out.

Do this exercise 3 to 10 times a day and take your time with each breath. This exercise will surely help you to get rid of stress and anxiety.

4-7-8 Breathing Exercise

It is one of the best deep breathing relaxation techniques that even the USA army also uses to get better sleep and relief. In this easy-to-do exercise, you have to put one hand on your belly and the other on your chest, just like the one done in the belly breathing exercise. Take a breath in slowly and silently count four while breathing. Now stop breathing and hold your breath and silently count 1-7; after holding your breath for 7 seconds, breath out through your mouth continuously for 8 seconds. 

This exercise is really good for your sleep and stress problems. Do it 3-7 times a day when you go to sleep or wake up in the morning.


Our body is our responsibility. What we invest today will profit us tomorrow. Health is more precious than money, and if your health is good, then only you will be able to do your job and earn money. Nothing is important than good health, and you should take care of your body too. It’s your decision either to live your life on medicines or live freely without any disease. 

We have provided you a list of some basic deep breathing relaxation techniques that can help you to get relief from stress and anxiety. Just follow these techniques daily and observe the change.

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