Proven Stress Relief Techniques

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There has been a lot of pressure on people about health, finances, and keeping their loved one’s safe. Studies have suggested stress can have a direct impact on your physical health. No wonder, stress is making you compromise your immunity. 

Besides, there has also been a paradigm shift in the lifestyle. People face the pressure of sticking up to a defined standard of living. You need to catch up with the latest trends, be it the latest series on Netflix or the newly launched glorious iMac! 

It calls for stress relief techniques that are effective in reducing your fear-of-missing-out! Follow the tips listed below to work on the hygiene of your mental health:

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  1. Importance Vs Urgency 

You had a plan to go out shopping with your partner the next day and a client rings to ruin your plans for the day and calls for an urgent and the longest meeting ever! 

How can you choose a client over your partner will be her argument and an unprofessional response is something you cannot afford to have. 

So, what do you do in such situations brimming with dilemma? The Eisenhower decision matrix has the answer. Basically you have to plot your situation in the graph of importance vs urgent and act accordingly. Stephen Covey popularised this principle in his book ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’.

An organised life is in itself a stress relief technique

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  1. Have Your Whys Answered

Simon Sinek revolutionised the importance of the question that had seemed so trivial before. Knowing the answer to the ‘why’ of your problems is supposed to be a part of your stress relief technique. 

For a stress relief technique to work, you need to acknowledge that it exists. Your stress will always have a ground reason behind it. If you can follow ‘the golden circle’ of why, what and how, you can figure a solution-based approach to sort out every dimension of your life effortlessly. 

  1. Physical Well-being As A Stress-Relief Technique

It is not a secret anymore that physical activity can instantly give you a dopamine kick. Besides that, physical health is one of the 5 pillars of well-being in human psychology. Dr. Jordan B Peterson, author of the multi-million best seller ’12 rules for life” have repeatedly mentioned the importance of being not too laid back. What you need to do is break the shackles of the downward spiral of stress that adds on to your fatigue. 

He emphasizes the first step of doing so is to start with your very own room. Cleaning your room may sound small, but the scope it opens up in front of you is infinite. 


So, all-in-all, a stress relief technique can be getting out of your bed at one time every single day, cleaning your room, maintaining hygiene around you!

Stay safe and mentally sound. Let us know if these techniques were of help to you.

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