Plan To Have A Salon Or You Already Have And You Are Looking For Isolating Hair Accessory Tools? Get This!

Hair coloring has become very common among people today. In order to experiment with this trend, it is necessary to have proper tools with you. Hair salon paper is a tool that comes in very handy. Suppose you want to color or do any other thing to your client’s hair. Colouring hair streaks becomes very easy if you use a hair paper. You can color different sections of hair and then wrap them up in this hair paper. This prevents the colors from mixing together and also restricts the movement of color hair and there. 

This also comes with a hair comb, which can help to untangle hair knots and help to distribute the color evenly in each strand. Both these products will help you to get the perfect look for your client. 

Hair Paper And Comb To Help You Get The Perfect Look 

The hair salon paper that we provide you is best for doing highlights. The material of this paper is of very good quality, and it helps the color to stay just in one place instead of spreading here and there. The paper is completely safe to use, and it is durable. The material of this paper is nylon and plastic. 

You can use it for your salon Or even at your home. Even if you like to color your hair at home, you can use it and save your skin from getting stained with color. It is safe to use, and the surface of this paper is also smooth. These papers come in a pack of 50, so you can use them for a good number of times. It is one of the best salon accessories that you should have. Buy the salon hair paper and brush sets. 


  • Material: Nylon + plastic
  • Size: 300×95mm paper and 220mm comb
  • Package includes: 50 hair paper and one brush/comb
  • Colour: White
  • Item Type: Styling accessory
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  • This paper is very safe to use. 
  • It is completely durable. 
  • These papers are very affordable. 


  • Available in only one color. 
  • Not reusable. 
  • It cannot be recycled as it is plastic. 


The right amount of accessories can totally help you get the perfect look. If you also invest in good tools, then you will not have any problem. This pack also comes with a hair comb, which can distribute the hair color properly on the hair. Everyone has to put your strands of hair on hair paper, take some color on the brush and apply it evenly on the hair. So get this hair paper today and enjoy your experience of hair coloring.

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