Natural Stress Relief – Quick & Easy Cures To Stress And Anxiety

natural stress relief

Some of these are: fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Fruits and vegetables are very good for lowering your blood pressure. Whole grains are also very good for you. Lean protein is what most people think of when they talk about natural supplements but there are a variety of other proteins that are just as effective if not more so than lean meat. You just have to be careful about artificial flavors and preservatives.

Foods To Eat For Natural Stress Relief

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Among the foods to eat for natural stress relief and to lower your cortisol levels are, blackberries, strawberries, green tea, salmon, cranberry juice, hawthorn berries, green onions, rhubarb and bilberry. One study says that drinking two cups of green tea every day lowers high blood pressure. That’s pretty impressive. A few studies say that drinking one cup of salmon each day helps reduce high blood pressure and a handful of other studies seem to concur that green onions are calming and they contain a type of compound that has a calming effect on the brain.

One of the oldest known remedies for natural stress relief and for calming the nervous system is chamomile tea. This herb has a long history in the east and is widely used for a variety of ailments. In one study, women who drank chamomile tea every day for four weeks had lower levels of cortisol than women who did not drink the tea. The researchers concluded that the estrogenic effects of chamomile may be due to the compounds found in the plant. Those compounds seem to relieve stress by relaxing the tense muscles.

Herbs And Natural Supplements For Reducing Anxiety

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Some of the other herbs and natural supplements for reducing anxiety and lowering the symptoms of menopause include: Gotu Kola, St. John’s Wort, Ginseng, Hawthorn and Passion flower. These all have different natural healing abilities. But, they also help women to maintain regular cycles of hormones and to keep the heart healthy, something that can have a bearing on chronic stress.

Another natural treatment is mental and physical exercise. Exercise has been shown to release natural hormones, such as endorphins, which are said to combat the physical symptoms of depression and menopause. There’s some evidence that mental stress may contribute to cortisol levels because it alters the way your brain thinks. If you want to take your mind off the daily rat race and give it some quiet time, consider trying some gentle meditation.

Green Tea

Another popular herb for calming the nerves and relieving stress and anxiety is green tea. The Chinese have been drinking green tea for centuries, and it is now gaining popularity among the western world as an effective chronic disease treatment. Some researchers believe that drinking green tea on a regular basis can even lower cholesterol and slow down the build up of platelets in the arteries, another symptom of chronic stress and anxiety.

Summing Up

As you can see, there are many different ways you can use herbs to treat your own stress levels and fight back against chronic fatigue. Before you make your next trip to the health food store or go to the doctor, try increasing your daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and taking a look at the ways you’re using herbs to battle your fatigue. You might be surprised by just how much you can benefit. Before you know it, you’ll feel better than you have in years, and you’ll have fewer signs of stress and anxiety.

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