Laughter Therapy For Stress – Ways To Get Rid Of Stress Easily

laughter therapy for stress

Stress has become a part of every individual’s modern life, whether it is a school-going child or an aged person. Competitiveness, the pressure of living a well off and a better life, expectations, and responsibilities cause stress among individuals. Though there can be many alternatives for releasing stress, the best option available to the common people especially the aged people and the children, can be laughter therapy for stress. This is a therapy that uses humor to release stress and ensure the well being of a human mind and body.

Laughter Therapy For Stress

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The human mind cannot distinguish between fake and real laughter. A burst of fake laughter gives the same impact to the mind that a peal of actual laughter gives. Therefore, laughter therapy for stress is the best non-pharmacological medication. It can be done either individually or in a group session. Laughter Therapy For Stress is even capable of curing chronic diseases like cancer. This therapy is even used for soldiers to help them heal from post-traumatic stress ailments.

Mental Health Benefits

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Laughter Therapy For Stress helps curtail our stress hormones cortisol and increase immune cells and antibodies, thus boosting our disease resistance. Laughter Therapy For Stress acts as a distraction and removes all the negative thoughts from our mind, and keeps us recharged and full of energy, helping us be focused. Laughter Therapy For Stress helps increase the flow of endorphin hormones, which boost happiness and promote a festive mood. Laughter also increases the flow of oxygen in the body, which energizes various organs like the heart, lungs, and muscles. It even lessens the risk of heart disease.

Long Term Benefits

Laughter Therapy For Stress helps boost our immune system as all the chemicals generated because of negative thoughts are replaced by the positive thoughts that release neuropeptides, a stress-fighting chemical. Laughter Therapy For Stress also helps in releasing pain by producing natural pain killers. It boosts personal satisfaction as one becomes capable of dealing with everyday problems and responsibilities. A study in Norway also found that a person with a good sense of humor lives a longer life. Laughter Therapy For Stress also helps burn 40 calories by laughing only 10 to 15 minutes per day. It means in a year. One can lose three to four pounds.

Ways To Add Laughter

Always surround yourself with people having a good sense of humor and a positive outlook towards life. Count and make a list of blessings that will help you have a positive thought, keeping your mind refreshed and happy. Read funny books and watch comedy shows and movies. Be a part of a group that practices Laughter Therapy For Stress. Invite your friends and spend time with your siblings to laugh more and release stress. Learn to look at the mirror and laugh at yourself to trick your mind and to eliminate stress. Engage yourself more with small children and play with them as they provide positive energy to the mind.


Thus, Laughter Therapy For Stress is the best way to keep oneself happier, reduce stress and anxiety, develop interpersonal skills, enlighten up the mood with positive thoughts, and deal with the problems with an optimistic perspective.

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