Is Massage Therapy For Anxiety and Stress Good For You

massage therapy for stress and anxiety

This art is one of the oldest known forms of healing and has been used for thousands of years to relieve pain, alleviate stress, calm nerves, promote healing and relax the mind and body. Some people choose massage to relax and reduce their anxiety while others use it for relief of chronic pain and soreness. Whatever the reason for your choice of massage therapy for reducing or eliminating anxiety and stress, the benefits are tremendous.


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One of the many ways massage helps to relieve anxiety and stress is that it helps the body become relaxed and less stressed. When a person is under stress, they often are unable to relax. Massage helps to relieve muscle tension, which relaxes the muscles and allows the individual to more easily relax. Massage also helps to release endorphins – feel good hormones that actually help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. This means that massage can be a real double whammy for someone who is experiencing anxiety and stress.

Pain Management

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It is known that our muscles weaken with time as we age. The same concept is true for our anxiety as well. Over time, tense muscles can cause anxiety and pain. Through massage, the muscles become less tense and the individual can therefore find that the anxiety and stress are reduced and the pain is lessened.

Additional Facilities

Many therapists offer additional facilities such as music, light and even aromatherapy. These additional facilities are designed to provide an extra convenience for those looking to get the maximum benefits from their massage therapy sessions. Music is often an essential part of a massage and the right therapist can make this available to the client. This can be an excellent way for someone who is suffering from anxiety to relax and distract from the discomfort they are feeling.

Blood Circulation

One of the ways that massage helps to relieve stress and anxiety is through increased blood circulation. When blood circulation is improved, it helps to increase the number of oxygen-rich cells in the brain. These oxygen-rich cells promote relaxation and help to reduce feelings of anxiety, tension and pain. Regular massages also promote better cardiovascular health by improving heart and lung function.


The kneading action that is characteristic of most forms of massage therapy helps to stretch muscles and joints. This in turn improves mobility and range of motion. This action also reduces stiffness and pain in a muscle or joint. In fact, the kneading action is so deep that it can reach the depths of the muscle. This helps the muscles to heal quicker. It can also reduce swelling and inflammation in joints.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many health benefits associated with massage therapy. Not only does it relax muscles and promote blood circulation, but it also reduces swelling and inflammation of muscles and joints. As the manager works deeper into the muscles, it helps to break down adhesions and tight muscles. Therefore, it is essential for sportsmen and women to consult massage therapists before their match because it could make the difference between them playing their best or going out with a broken arm.

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