How to Use Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

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Initial studies on Aromatherapy found that it can affect the brain’s behavior, with brain waves scientifically observed. Furthermore, Aromatherapy has significant effects on one’s perceptions of stress and level of stress hormone Cortisol, apparently reducing both. It also increases feelings of contentment. While it needs further research, it is a promising result since Aromatherapy and essential oils attract several driven and restless individuals looking for a brief respite from stress. There are a lot of ways to use the Aroma Therapy for Stress, and here they are:

Body Products

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Aromatherapy body products are good options as a substitute for perfumes or colognes. Imagine walking around, giving off a relaxing and stress-relieving smell. Not only will it give you the desired effect, anybody sitting or standing close to you will benefit, too. Make sure to choose a subtle scent that will make you feel comfortable wearing it.


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Aromatherapy candles are excellent chill buddies after a hard day’s work. Besides giving you a fantastic olfactory experience, its beautiful incandescent lighting can also lighten your mood, getting you ready for some serious after-work chilling. On top of that, it also improves your home interior design when placed in stylish candle holders. Make sure to leave it in a safe spot in case you fly off to dreamland.


Technology has taken the Aroma Therapy for Stress to a whole new level. Soothing scents from essential oils can be evaporated and diffused in no time using a battery-operated diffuser. With a simple press of a button, aromatherapy using a diffuser will give you a passive stress relief as you do your tasks while elevating your home’s ambiance. More modern versions can blend well with your room’s interior design, too.


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Meditation can work wonders for your mental health, both in the brief stress-filled periods and in the long run. However, there are days when getting focused is a daunting task, with your mind doing a Cirque du Soleil-calibre performance.  Combining Aromatherapy with meditation can help you focus more on your breathing and calm your mind from hyperactive thoughts. It is also a good exercise for keeping control of your internal ruminations.


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You would know how stressed you are if you suddenly start daydreaming about getting a massage. If your body craves for a massage, you most likely have a very good reason to go for it. Aromatherapy with massages can bring countless benefits, both physically and mentally. If you are lucky, you might have someone to give you a massage. Otherwise, professional massage therapists usually have a wide selection of essential oils for your preference and are totally worth the price.

The world has changed, and people are starting to feel the tolls of keeping up the demands for high performance and chasing dreams. It could mean living in constant stress as you try your best to function. But in the long run, stress can cause more life-threatening effects, thus making your present efforts seem futile. Engaging in easy strategies such as the Aroma Therapy for Stress can be highly beneficial.

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