6 Facts About Psychology You Should Know

psychology facts

Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes. It is a diverse field that covers everything from the workings of the human brain to social influences on individual behavior. Here are six psychology facts that you should know.

1. Psychology is a Science

Although many people think of psychology as the study of abnormal behavior, it actually covers all aspects of human behavior and mental processes. It is appropriately known as both an art and science because there are no universally accepted answers in psychology; different psychologists may come to different conclusions when examining the same topic. However, through scientific methodologies such as double-blind studies and control group testing, psychologists are able to develop a body of knowledge that is constantly evolving and becoming more accurate.

2. Psychologists Are Not All Therapists

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Many people think that all psychologists spend their time talking with patients in some sort of therapy setting. While many do provide counseling services for issues such as anxiety or depression, not all clinical psychologists work with patients. There are also many different types of psychologists including developmental, social, cognitive and health.

3. There Are Four Sub-Fields in Psychology

When most people think of psychology they think of the field as a whole. However, there are actually four subspecialties within psychology including experimental, physiological, social, and clinical. Experimental psychologists study topics such as sensation and perception; physiological psychologists study how the brain responds to stimuli; social psychologists examine group interactions and relationships, and clinical psychologists seek to help people overcome mental illness or psychological disorders.

4. Psychology Makes Use of Many Scientific Tools

Psychology is not just an art and science. It also fuses together many different scientific tools to study behavior and mental processes. Some of these techniques include the use of brain scans, genetic testing, survey research, ethnographic studies and more.

5. The Majority of Psychology Research Is Not Reproducible

Many people think that psychology research is conducted using the same scientific methodologies as other branches of science such as biology and chemistry. However, due in part to the subjective nature of psychology, the majority of psychological studies cannot be reproduced. This is because there are many variables involved with human behavior and mental processes; when one variable is changed, it changes all other aspects of a person’s behavior.

6. Psychology Will Likely Expand Over the Next Decade

Many psychologists engage in research to help further our understanding of the human mind and behavior. As technology advances, there are new ways to study how people think and behave; this will likely expand many different fields within psychology over the next decade. New techniques such as brain scans and genetic testing allow researchers to peer into the human brain like never before. These tools will allow psychologists to delve deeper into the study of the mind, providing us with greater insight into how we act and think on a daily basis.

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